Savory Potato Galette Recipe – Easy & Rustic!

potato galette

A potato galette is like a dream mix. It’s crispy like a potato chip but creamy like mashed potatoes. You can have it as a side with greens. Or, enjoy it with sausage or ham at breakfast. This recipe will show you how to make a tasty, easy, rustic potato galette.

Key Takeaways:

  • A potato galette is a delicious dish that combines the crispiness of a potato chip with the creaminess of mashed potatoes.
  • It can be served as a side dish or paired with sausage or ham for breakfast.
  • This article provides an easy and rustic recipe for making a savory potato galette.
  • Try different toppings and variations, such as adding herbs or cheese, to customize your potato galette.
  • Potato galette is a versatile and flavorful dish that is sure to impress your family and friends.

What is a Potato Galette?

In French cuisine, a galette is a type of pie. It can be sweet or savory and has a flat, freeform shape. The potato galette, with potatoes as its crust, is especially popular. It’s simple yet full of flavor.

If you want a unique meal, try a potato galette. Its crispy crust and creamy inside make a great mix of textures. It’s perfect for potato lovers or those wanting to wow their guests.

A potato galette stands out for its ease. You need only a few simple ingredients. With minimal effort, you can whip up this tasty dish at home.

Potato Galette Variations Description
Classic Potato Galette A traditional potato galette made with layers of thinly sliced potatoes and shallots.
Herb-infused Potato Galette A potato galette enhanced with aromatic herbs like rosemary or thyme for added flavor.
Sweet Potato Galette A variation that replaces regular potatoes with sweet potatoes, resulting in a slightly sweeter and more vibrant galette.
Potato and Kale Galette A flavorful twist on the classic with the addition of sautéed kale, providing added nutrients.
Sausage and Cheese Potato Galette A savory variation that includes cooked ground sausage and grated cheese, resulting in a rich and flavorful galette.

The potato galette is loved for its flexibility. You can add your favorite spices, herbs, or toppings. There are so many ways to make it your own!

Making a potato galette can be fun, whether you’re new to cooking or quite skilled. Soon, we’ll show you an easy recipe to make at home. It will surely impress everyone!

Ingredients for Potato Galette

For a tasty potato galette, you need some key ingredients. Potatoes are the main attraction. You can use Yukon Gold or russet potatoes. They are creamy and keep their shape well when you cook them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Potatoes (Yukon Gold or russet)
  • Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Shallots
  • Salt
  • Pepper

These items are the base for a classic potato galette. Feel free to add your own flair with extra toppings or herbs. Rosemary or thyme can make your galette taste even better. They add a wonderful flavor to this rustic dish.

We’ve got our ingredients. Let’s see how to make a delicious potato galette next.

How to Make a Potato Galette

Have you ever wanted to make a potato galette? With this easy guide, you can! You’ll learn how to create a crispy, tasty dish that will amaze everyone. Just follow these simple steps to make the perfect potato galette.


  • 2 large russet potatoes, thinly sliced
  • 2 shallots, thinly sliced
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 4 tablespoons of butter
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a skillet, melt 2 tablespoons of butter with 1 tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat. Add the minced garlic and cook until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Transfer the garlic to a small bowl and set aside.
  2. In the same skillet, add the remaining butter and olive oil. Add the sliced shallots and cook until they become translucent and slightly caramelized, about 5 minutes.
  3. In a large bowl, combine the sliced potatoes, cooked shallots, and reserved garlic. Season with salt and pepper, and toss to coat evenly.
  4. Heat the skillet over medium-high heat. Arrange the potato and shallot slices in the skillet, overlapping them to create tighter layers. Press down firmly to ensure the galette holds together.
  5. Cook the galette on the stovetop for about 8-10 minutes, or until the bottom is golden brown and crispy. Carefully flip the galette using a plate or spatula, and transfer it to a preheated oven set to 375°F (190°C).
  6. Bake the galette for 25-30 minutes, or until the potatoes are browned and tender.
  7. Remove the galette from the oven and let it rest for a few minutes. Invert it onto a serving platter, slice it into wedges, and serve it warm.

The crispy potato galette is ready! It’s a perfect side dish or can be paired with a salad for a full meal. The mix of crispy and soft potatoes will make it a hit. Try adding different toppings and herbs to make it even better. Enjoy your delicious, homemade potato galette!

Tips for Making the Perfect Potato Galette

Want to make the perfect potato galette? Here are some key tips. They will ensure it’s crispy, tasty, and looks good.

Choose the right type of potatoes: Potatoes vary in texture and starch. This affects your galette. Russet potatoes have lots of starch and help bind the galette. On the other hand, Yukon Gold potatoes are waxy and crisp up well. Red or new potatoes add a unique flavor.

Slice the potatoes evenly: Uniform, thin slices make a beautiful galette. Use a mandoline or sharp knife. This helps the potatoes cook evenly and stick together well.

Avoid letting the potatoes sit for too long: Sliced potatoes can get watery if they sit too long. This can make your galette soggy. Slice them right before cooking to keep them dry.

Add herbs for extra flavor: Rosemary, thyme, or parsley can boost your galette’s taste. These herbs add freshness and complement the potatoes nicely.

Use a well-seasoned skillet: A cast iron skillet is best for making galette. It cooks evenly and makes the crust crispy. Heat the skillet well before adding your galette.

Tips for Making the Perfect Potato Galette
Choose the right type of potatoes
Slice the potatoes evenly
Avoid letting the potatoes sit for too long
Add herbs for extra flavor
Use a well-seasoned skillet

Follow these tips for a great potato galette. Use the right herbs and potatoes. Get your slicing right. These tricks will get you perfect results every time.

Serving and Storing Potato Galette

Potato galette is a wonderful dish that has many uses. It’s a great side with meats like roast chicken or beef tenderloin. The mix of crispy crust and creamy inside makes it a perfect match for hearty meals.

It can also shine as the main dish. Pair it with a salad or veggies for a veggie-friendly meal. Or top it with a poached egg and herbs for brunch.

To keep leftover potato galette fresh, store it in the fridge in a tight container. It stays good for up to 4 days. When you want to reheat it, use the microwave or oven.

If you have extra potato galette, try frying it for a new twist. It becomes crispy and is great for breakfast or a snack. Top it with a fried egg, avocado, and hot sauce for a tasty meal.

Potato galette’s mix of textures makes it a hit for many occasions. Serve it as a side, warm up leftovers, or make something new with it. Potato galette always brings rustic and yummy flavors to the table.

Variation: Potato and Kale Galette

This potato and kale galette is a tasty twist on the classic version. It mixes sautéed kale with the filling, adding a burst of flavor and more nutrients. The mix of crispy potatoes and the earthy taste of kale is irresistible.

To make this galette, you start like the traditional one but add a step for the kale. First, prepare the kale by washing, drying, and tearing it into small pieces after removing the tough stems.

Then, heat some oil in a pan. Cook the kale until it wilts a bit. Season with salt and pepper to boost the flavor. This makes the kale tender and tasty.

Next, layer the sautéed kale with potato slices and shallots in the galette. Follow the same steps as the usual recipe. The kale brings a new, wholesome twist to the galette, making it more satisfying.

Here’s what you need and how to make the potato and kale galette:

Ingredients Instructions
Potatoes Prepare and slice as per the traditional galette recipe.
Kale Remove stems, tear into smaller pieces, sauté with oil, and season with salt and pepper.
Shallots Prepare and slice as per the traditional galette recipe.
Butter Use as per the traditional galette recipe.
Olive oil Use as per the traditional galette recipe.
Garlic Use as per the traditional galette recipe.
Salt and pepper Use as per the traditional galette recipe.

The potato and kale galette is both flavorful and nutritious. Kale adds a vibrant green color and a nice bite. This balance is perfect with the potatoes. It’s a great way to enjoy greens in your meal.

Try adding different herbs or cheese on top for more flavor. There are many ways to change up this recipe. Get creative and make your own version of the potato and kale galette.

Variation: Potato Galette with Sausage and Cheese

Want to make your potato galette tastier? Add savory sausage and melted cheese. These ingredients make the dish much more delicious. Your family and friends will love it!

Start by preparing potatoes, shallots, and garlic. Cook the sausage in a skillet until it’s brown. Then, put the sausage aside.

Build the galette like you normally would. Add the sausage between the potato and shallot layers. Then, put grated cheese on top for cheesiness.

The smell from the oven will be amazing. The sausage and cheese make the galette very flavorful. Once it’s golden brown and the cheese looks bubbly, it’s done.

Let it cool for a bit before you cut it. This lets the flavors mix and the cheese firm up. Cutting it into pieces, you’ll see everyone enjoying the tasty mix of potatoes, sausage, and cheese.

This homemade potato galette with sausage and cheese is full of flavor. You can choose your favorite sausage or cheese. It’s easy to make it just how you like it.

Ingredients Quantity
Potatoes (Yukon Gold or Russet) 4 medium-sized
Butter 2 tablespoons
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Garlic 2 cloves, minced
Shallots 2, thinly sliced
Ground sausage ½ pound, cooked and crumbled
Grated cheese 1 cup (cheddar, Gruyere, or your preferred type)
Salt To taste
Pepper To taste

Note: You can change the sausage and cheese amounts to what you like. For a stronger taste, add more sausage.

Make this yummy potato galette with sausage and cheese for a special meal. It’s sure to be a hit with its tasty blend of ingredients. Your family and friends will ask for more!

Variation: Sweet Potato Galette

Want to spice up the usual potato galette? Give a sweet potato galette a shot. Sweet potatoes transform it into something sweeter and more colorful. It’s a guaranteed hit!

To make one, just swap out regular potatoes with sweet ones. The rest stays the same. This way, you still get a tasty, easy-to-make dish.

Sweet potatoes make the galette not just sweet but also visually appealing. Their natural sweetness pairs well with the crispy crust and creamy inside.

Follow the standard potato galette recipe but use sweet potatoes. Begin with preparing sweet potatoes, shallots, and garlic. Sauté the garlic in butter and oil, then mix it with the sweet potatoes and shallots. Season with salt and pepper. Next, layer the sweet potato and shallot slices in a skillet. Press down to tighten the layers. Cook on the stove, then finish in the oven. Wait for the sweet potatoes to become brown and soft. Let it cool a bit, then turn it over onto a plate and cut into pieces.

This sweet potato galette complements many dishes, from chicken to grilled veggies. Its taste and look add something special to any meal.


Potato galette is a versatile dish, perfect as a side or a main. It has a crispy crust and creamy inside. It’s truly satisfying and full of flavor.

You can stick to the classic or try it with herbs, sausage, or sweet potatoes. Every version of potato galette is impressive.

Following the easy recipe in this article, you can make a savory potato galette at home. It’s simple and rustic. You can add flavors like rosemary or thyme. This makes a classic potato galette that’s full of taste.

Next time you want to wow your loved ones, make a potato galette. It’s great for any meal and always pleases a crowd. Feel free to experiment and add your personal touch. Potato galette offers endless possibilities!


How do I make a potato galette?

Start by getting your potatoes, shallots, and garlic ready. First, cook the garlic in butter and oil in a skillet. Then move it to a bowl.Next, mix them with salt and pepper in the butter mix. Lay out the potato and shallot slices in a skillet. Make sure to press down to form tight layers.Cook it on the stove and then in the oven. Wait till the potatoes get brown and soft. Let it cool a bit before you flip it onto a plate and cut it.

What are some variations of potato galette?

You can make different kinds like kale potato galette, one with sausage and cheese, or a sweet potato version. Each gives a new twist to the classic.

How long can I store leftover potato galette?

You can keep leftovers in the fridge for up to 4 days. Warm it up in the microwave or oven when you’re ready to eat it again.

Can I serve potato galette as a main course?

Sure, it’s great as a main dish. It goes well with roasted chicken or beef tenderloin.

How can I add herbs to my potato galette?

Add herbs like rosemary or thyme by sprinkling them on the potatoes and shallots before cooking. This adds extra flavor.

Can I use different types of potatoes for potato galette?

Yes, different potatoes work. Russet potatoes hold things together well. Yukon Golds get crispy when thin. Red or new potatoes are good choices, too.

How thin should I slice the potatoes for a potato galette?

Use a mandoline or a sharp knife to slice them thinly and evenly. This helps make the galette come out right.

What can I serve with potato galette?

Serve it as a side with roast chicken or beef. It’s also hearty enough to be a main course on its own.

How do I make a potato and kale galette?

Massage kale with oil, salt, and pepper. Layer it with potatoes and shallots. Then, make the galette just like the classic version.

Can I make a sweet potato galette?

Yes, swap in sweet potatoes for regular ones. Follow the same steps to make your galette.

What is the texture of a potato galette?

It has a crispy outside with a creamy middle. It’s both tasty and satisfying.

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