Speedy Tips: How to Ripen an Avocado Fast

how to ripen an avocado

Ever returned home with an avocado that’s hard as a rock? You’re not alone. It seems like avocados have a knack for being unripe when you need them most. Whether it’s for a creamy addition to your breakfast or a quick guac for your chips, they’re always too hard.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ripening avocados quickly is possible with the right methods.
  • Use the paper bag trick by placing a ripe banana or apple with the avocado to accelerate the ripening process.
  • Avoid microwaving avocados as it can alter the texture and flavor.
  • Store ripe avocados in the refrigerator to prolong their freshness.
  • Experiment with various delicious recipes using ripe avocados.

How do I pick out a ripe avocado?

Finding the perfect avocado means knowing what to look for. Most avocados in the U.S. are Hass avocados. Start by checking the skin. Ripe Hass avocados have dark green to purply skins.

To test for ripeness, gently squeeze the avocado in your hand. It should feel slightly soft. This means it’s ripe and perfect for eating. Ripe avocados have a creamy texture ideal for chopping up.

To be sure, look at the avocado’s stem. If the stem sticks on tight, it’s not ripe yet. But if it pops off easily, showing a bright green spot, it’s ripe. If you see brown under the stem, the avocado is overripe.

For guacamole, pick an avocado with almost black skin. These avocados are softer inside, making them great for mashing. Use these tips to find the best avocado for your dishes.

Ripe Avocado Selection Tips
Look for dark green skins with a purply blush.
Gently squeeze the avocado – it should give just a little.
Check the stem – if it comes away easily and reveals a bright green dimple, it’s ripe.
Choose avocados with nearly black skins for guacamole.

What if my avocados aren’t ripe enough?

You brought some fresh avocados home, expecting them ripe. But they’re not ready when you need them. Don’t worry, it happens. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to ripen them instantly. You have to use the underripe avocados or skip them.

If you have at least 12 hours before using the avocado, there is hope. We will share a trick to speed up the ripening. This allows you to enjoy your avocados sooner.

Speeding up the avocado ripening process

To ripen your avocados quickly, use the power of ethylene gas. This natural plant hormone is released by fruits as they ripen. It accelerates the ripening of nearby fruits. By increasing exposure to ethylene gas, your avocados will ripen faster.

Quick Tip: Speed up ripening by putting unripe avocados in a brown paper bag with ripe bananas or apples. The confined space increases exposure to the gas, making avocados ripen faster.

Just put the unripe avocados in a paper bag with a ripe banana or apple. Fold down the bag’s opening. Leave it at room temperature on your counter for a day or two. The ripe fruit’s ethylene gas will help the avocados ripen quicker.

Note: Don’t wrap avocados in plastic. It traps moisture and can cause mold.

If you have no ripe fruits, try this: put the unripe avocados under a heavy bowl. This method also increases exposure to ethylene gas, speeding up ripening.

While speeding up ripening, watch your avocados closely. Check them often. Once they’re ripe, put them in the fridge. This slows down ripening and keeps them fresh.

Now you know how to make avocados ripen faster. You don’t have to wait long to enjoy them. Get creative with your avocado recipes and savor the creamy goodness!

Here’s how to ripen avocados quickly

You know that trick of putting underripe fruit in a brown bag to ripen it faster? It truly works. Just put an unripe avocado in a bag with a ripe banana, close it, and leave it on your countertop. Wait for a day or two to accelerate the avocado ripening process.

Here’s why it works: Fruits like bananas release ethylene gas as they ripen. This gas, a natural hormone, not only smells sweet but also speeds up the ripening time of nearby fruits. So, the ethylene from the banana makes the avocado ripen more quickly.

No banana? Try an apple instead. And if you’re out of paper bags, covering the fruit with a heavy bowl works too. Just avoid plastic bags, as they can cause too much moisture and lead to mold.

Comparing Avocado Ripening Methods

Methods Effectiveness Time Required Requirements
Paper Bag Method (with banana or apple) Highly effective 1-2 days Paper bag, ripe banana or apple
Microwave Method Somewhat effective A few minutes Microwave, plastic wrap
Refrigerator Method Does not ripen, but prolongs freshness 1-2 days Airtight container, refrigerator

Try the paper bag method to quickly ripen avocados. It’s simple and uses the fruit’s natural process to make them ripen. You’ll get perfectly ripe avocados fast. Enjoy their creamy texture and delicious taste in your meals!

Can I microwave my avocados?

Seen a video claiming you can ripen avocados in the microwave? It kind of works, but there are downsides. Microwaving avocados doesn’t truly ripen them, but rather cooks them. The texture becomes softer, yet it won’t match the creaminess of naturally ripened avocados.

The unique nutty flavor you expect from avocados won’t fully develop either. We don’t recommend microwaving for sliced avocados. But, if you’re in a rush and plan to mash them, it’s doable.

Need guacamole now? Here’s a quick guide: First, split your avocados in half to avoid explosion risks. Remove the pit carefully. Then, wrap each half in plastic wrap. Microwave them for 30 secs at a time, checking the texture periodically. After microwaving, let them cool down, mash, and then mix in lime, garlic, and salt well.

Microwaving avocados softens them but might miss the creaminess and nutty taste of natural ripeness. Yet, it’s a quick fix for mashed avocado needs. Just ensure you follow the steps precisely to prevent any problems.

Should avocados be refrigerated once they’re ripe?

Got ripe avocados? Store them in the fridge if not using within a day. Keep them whole in an airtight container or crisper. This prevents drying. For cut avocados, use lime or lemon juice on the cut surface. This stops browning. Store in an airtight container or wrap tightly in the fridge.

Cut avocados last a day or two before going bad. Whole ripe ones don’t last much longer. Enjoy them soon!

Refrigeration helps ripe avocados last longer. It stops them from getting too ripe too fast. There are tips to keep them fresh, whether whole or cut.

Store whole ripe avocados in the fridge if not using them immediately. Use an airtight container or crisper drawer. This keeps them from getting mushy.

To keep cut avocados fresh, stop them from browning. Rub lime or lemon juice on them. Then, store in an airtight container or plastic wrap in the fridge.

Even with good storage, time affects avocados. Cut ones get mushy and brown after a couple of days. Whole ones also degrade. Best to eat them quickly for their creamy taste.

Expert Tip:

Check avocados often; they ripen fast. Ripe avocados feel slightly soft. So, enjoy them before it’s too late!

What can I do with my ripe avocados?

Ripe avocados are great for many recipes. Their creamy and versatile nature adds deliciousness to lots of dishes. Let’s explore some ways to use them:

Slice and garnish a homey, comforting bowl of chili

Adding ripe avocado slices to chili adds a creamy coolness. This balances the spicy heat.

Top a summery turkey burger

Adding a creamy ripe avocado slice on a turkey burger is great. It brings richness that matches the lean turkey.

Add to sweet and savory salads with lots of citrus

Mix tangy citrus with creamy avocados for refreshing salads. The avocado smoothness and the citrus brightness make a perfect match.

Use as a secret dairy-free binder in homemade vegan fudge

Surprise! Ripe avocados can replace dairy. Use them mashed in vegan fudge for a creamy texture.

Get creative with your avocado toast toppings

Avocado toast isn’t just for breakfast. Top it with tomatoes, eggs, cheese, or salmon for extra flavor.

Add to your family-style taco night spread

Avocados are great in tacos. Mash them for guacamole or slice for a fresh topping.

Make a huge batch of our best-ever guacamole

Guacamole highlights ripe avocados’ creamy texture and taste. Try our easy, yummy recipe for snacks or parties.

“No, you definitely don’t need an avocado slicer.”

So, use your ripe avocados in these recipes. There are endless possibilities. You’ll find new ways to enjoy their creamy goodness and health benefits.

Choosing the Right Avocado

Picking the right avocados can greatly improve your meals. Knowing how to select the perfect one is key. Follow these tips to find the best ripe avocados at the store.

1. Assess Firmness, Color, and Skin Appearance

Finding the perfect avocado involves looking at firmness, color, and skin. Ripe ones should feel soft under light pressure, much like the center of your palm. Darker avocados are often riper than light green ones.

2. Avoid Removing the stem

Some might say to pull the stem off to check ripeness, but avoid this. It exposes the avocado to air, starting oxidation which changes its taste, color, and texture. Plus, it can let germs get into the fruit.

3. Look for Indentations and Bruising

Keep an eye out for any large dents or bruises when choosing avocados. These can mean the avocado is damaged. A soft avocado may be too ripe.


Ripening avocados quickly is simple with the right know-how. These tips ensure you have a ripe avocado when needed. Choose the right one at the store.

Speed up the ripening with natural methods like the paper bag trick. Enjoy delicious, creamy avocados sooner than you thought. Now, when you’re stuck with a green avocado, don’t worry.

You know how to ripen it quickly. Use your ripe avocados in various recipes. Enjoy their rich taste and health benefits.


How do I pick out a ripe avocado?

To find a ripe avocado, look at its firmness, color, and skin. A ripe one will give a little when you press it gently. Darker avocados are often riper than light green ones.

What if my avocados aren’t ripe enough?

If your avocados are too firm, you can ripen them faster. Just put them in a paper bag with a ripe banana or apple. This fruit releases a gas that speeds up ripening.

Here’s how to ripen avocados quickly?

For quick ripening, place avocados in a paper bag with a banana or apple. Keep them at room temperature. The gas from the fruit helps them ripen faster.

Can I microwave my avocados?

Microwaving avocados can make them softer, but they won’t truly ripen this way. It’s better to let them ripen on their own. Or, use the paper bag technique for quicker results.

Should avocados be refrigerated once they’re ripe?

Yes, keep whole ripe avocados in the fridge to last longer. Ideally, in an airtight container or crisper. For cut avocados, apply lime or lemon juice. Then store in an airtight container in the fridge.

What can I do with my ripe avocados?

Use ripe avocados in many recipes. They’re great in salads, sandwiches, and guacamole. You can also use them as a vegan binder. There’s so much you can do!

Choosing the Right Avocado?

To pick good avocados, check their firmness, color, and skin. Steer clear of avocados with big dents or mushy spots. Those could be bruised or too ripe.


With these tips, you can have ripe avocados ready quickly. Whether using the paper bag method or storing them in the fridge, you’ll enjoy their creamy texture any time.

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