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how much is a clove of garlic

Are you curious about how much a garlic clove costs? Whether you love cooking or just cook at home, it’s good to know the price. This article talks about garlic clove costs, including organic, naturally grown, and elephant garlic. Keep reading to learn about garlic prices and choose the right one for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • The price of a garlic clove can vary depending on factors such as certification and growing method.
  • Certified organic garlic cloves are priced at $20.99 per clove.
  • Naturally grown garlic cloves are available for $19.99 per clove.
  • Elephant garlic cloves have a different pricing structure, with bulk discounts starting at 10lbs.
  • Consider the quality, availability, and shipping times when purchasing garlic cloves.

Certified Organic Garlic Cloves

Many people go for certified organic garlic cloves when shopping. These cloves pack all the taste and health goodies of garlic, meeting organic standards. They’re priced at $20.99 each.

These cloves are ready for your garden, with 20 in each pack. They are great for anyone who loves gardening. If you’re diving into gardening, certified organic garlic cloves are a top pick.

Going for certified organic means you’re getting garlic grown without synthetic stuff. It’s better for you and helps the planet too, by supporting green farming.

It’s key to check the quality and where your organic garlic comes from. Look for sellers with a strong rep for top-notch organic products. This ensures you get the most for your investment.

“Certified organic garlic cloves give you great taste, health perks, and eco-friendliness. By picking organic, you help your health and the earth.” – Organic Garlic Growers Association

Adding these garlic cloves to your garden means more tasty dishes to try. You’ll love the scent of fresh garlic. Certified organic garlic cloves are a smart choice for all gardeners.

Benefits of Certified Organic Garlic Cloves
1. Unmatched Flavor: Enjoy the robust and authentic flavor that comes with certified organic garlic cloves.
2. Health Benefits: Garlic is known for its numerous health benefits, including boosting the immune system and supporting heart health.
3. Sustainable Farming: Certified organic garlic cloves are produced using sustainable farming practices, minimizing harm to the environment.
4. Pesticide and Chemical-Free: With organic certification, you can be confident that your garlic cloves are free from synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Naturally Grown Garlic Cloves

Many choose naturally grown garlic cloves for their kitchen and garden. They taste great and are affordable at $19.99 each. They work well in recipes or as plants.

A pack has 20 cloves, perfect for all your cooking needs. Grown organically, these cloves are free from pesticides and chemicals. This ensures you get top-notch garlic.

Naturally grown garlic offers great flavor and health benefits. It also supports eco-friendly farming. This makes it a smart choice.

Note: The image above depicts a beautiful bunch of naturally grown garlic cloves, symbolizing the affordable price and natural goodness they offer.

Why Choose Naturally Grown Garlic Cloves?

Naturally grown garlic cloves have several advantages worth considering:

  • Price: At just $19.99 per clove, they’re an economical choice for cooking and gardening.
  • Health benefits: These cloves are as healthy as certified organic ones, but without synthetic chemicals or pesticides.
  • Taste: Loved for their true and rich flavor, they are a hit among garlic fans.
  • Sustainability: Choosing them supports sustainable farming, good for the environment and soil.

“Naturally grown garlic cloves offer an affordable and flavorful alternative to certified organic options. Their versatility and health benefits make them a fantastic choice for both cooking and planting, ensuring you can enjoy the goodness of garlic while staying within your budget.”

Package Price Quantity
Naturally Grown Garlic Cloves $19.99 20 cloves

Perfect for savory dishes or adding beauty to your garden, naturally grown garlic is a cost-effective, high-quality choice. Its affordability and flexibility make it a favorite among garlic lovers.

Elephant Garlic Cloves

Elephant garlic cloves are huge and have unique pricing. They’re pricier than regular garlic. Bulk buys come with pricing perks when you get at least 10lbs. It’s hard to find the price for 1 lb. of elephant garlic. A pound usually has 8-11 cloves.

Comparison of Garlic Types

Garlic Type Price per Clove Package Size
Regular Garlic Cloves $19.99 – $20.99 20 cloves
Elephant Garlic Cloves Pricing not specified Varies

Elephant garlic’s pricing sets it apart from regular garlic. Unlike regular garlic, elephant garlic’s cost benefits buyers in bulk. This method helps save money over time.

Before deciding, shoppers should think about elephant garlic’s unique traits and costs. Finding the best option depends on what you need and your budget.

Now, let’s switch gears to growing elephant garlic. We’ll cover the how-tos soon. First, here’s a picture to show elephant garlic’s amazing size:

Growing Elephant Garlic

Elephant garlic, with its big bulbs and gentle taste, makes a great garden choice. It’s easy to grow because it uses the same steps as regular garlic. Here’s how you can grow it:

  1. Choose the right planting location: Pick a spot in your garden that gets lots of sun and has soil that drains well. Elephant garlic loves soil that’s loose and rich so its bulbs can grow big.
  2. Prepare the soil: You should loosen the soil about 8-12 inches deep before planting. Get rid of rocks, weeds, and anything else that might stop the bulbs from growing.
  3. Planting depth and spacing: Plant the cloves about 2 inches deep with their pointed ends up. Leave 8-12 inches between them so they have space to grow.
  4. Mulch: Spread organic mulch around your plants to keep moisture in, fight off weeds, and keep the soil at a good temperature.
  5. Watering: Make sure the soil stays moist but not too wet. Watering is really important, especially when it’s not raining much, for the garlic to grow well.
  6. Fertilization: Use a balanced, organic fertilizer when you plant. Then, add more every 3-4 weeks while they grow to help the bulbs get big.
  7. Harvesting: It’s time to harvest when the leaves turn yellow and start to dry. Carefully lift the bulbs from the soil. Let them dry in a place with lots of air for 2-3 weeks before you store them.

Caring the right way, your elephant garlic will turn into big bulbs, over 3 inches wide. Use the tasty harvest in your cooking and enjoy its unique flavor.

Garlic Braids and Swags

Make your kitchen more beautiful and keep garlic handy with garlic braids and swags. These items bring a rustic look to your kitchen. They also help keep your garlic fresh and within reach. You can choose from many styles to match your taste and budget.

Garlic braids are made by carefully hand-weaving garlic bulbs together. This makes a beautiful and useful decoration. Each braid has several bulbs linked by their stems. This creates an eye-catching display.

Garlic swags are bundles of garlic tied with twine or ribbon. They give a traditional vibe and are great for storing garlic. Just hang one in your kitchen or pantry. Then, fresh garlic will always be close by when you need it.

Prices for garlic braids and swags change based on size, design, and special features. You can find a 1lb. bag of loose garlic for only $6.40. If you want something fancier, there are premium options. For example, a garlic braid and wine set can cost up to $44.00.

If you love cooking, nice garlic storage can make it even better. Garlic braids and swags are not just practical. They also add beauty and elegance to your kitchen. Check out the many garlic braids and swags available. Find the perfect one to show off your love for garlic in style.

Quality and Substitution

Garlic quality is super important. Like other crops, it faces quality issues and losses from bad weather. These problems can change the garlic’s taste, feel, and look.

Sellers know they need to send top-notch garlic to buyers. They check each garlic bulb before it goes out. They look for rot, mold, or anything that might spoil its taste or how long it lasts.

Sometimes, if there’s a problem with a batch, sellers have to swap it out. They make sure the replacement is almost the same kind. That way, customers still get good garlic, just a different type.

“Our commitment to quality means that we take every measure to ensure that our garlic cloves meet the highest standards. In the rare event that we come across quality issues, we guarantee to provide a suitable substitution that maintains the integrity of your culinary experience.”

Sellers focus on quality and making smart swaps when needed. They want to give you the best garlic. This way, you get to enjoy garlic’s taste and health perks, no matter what.

Pros Cons
– Ensures high-quality garlic cloves – Potential need for garlic substitution
– Maintains flavor and texture – Possible variations in taste between garlic varieties
– Provides a reliable source of quality garlic – Requires trust in the seller’s judgment for substitutions

Shipping and Availability

Garlic cloves need to be shipped at the right time. They are usually sent out in mid to late October. This schedule matches the best planting time for most regions. By doing this, cloves can root well before winter, setting up for a good growth season. Remember to consider this timing if you plan to grow garlic.

Availability might change based on the seller and the garlic type. While many sellers have cloves ready for the planting season, the favorite types might go fast. It’s smart to look out for delays in processing or shipping if you want a specific type of garlic.

Factors Affecting Availability:

  • Popular garlic varieties may sell out quickly
  • Seller’s inventory and demand
  • Geographical location and climate

Ordering early is key to getting the garlic cloves you want. This helps you have a great time growing garlic.

Garlic Variety Shipping Time Availability
Certified Organic Garlic Cloves Mid to late October Available, but limited
Naturally Grown Garlic Cloves Mid to late October Available, but limited
Elephant Garlic Cloves Mid to late October Available, but limited

To avoid being let down, get your garlic early. Always check with the seller for the latest news or any hold-ups. This way, you won’t miss the chance to grow yummy and fragrant garlic at home!

Organic Options

When you buy garlic, you can pick between organic garlic cloves or those that are naturally grown. Each seller offers different types, and the prices can change based on how the garlic is certified.

Certified organic garlic cloves grow using special organic methods. They are checked carefully to make sure they meet the right standards. The cost of these cloves depends on their quality, the certification, and the brand’s value. Right now, they cost about $20.99 each.

Naturally grown garlic cloves, on the other hand, do not use synthetic chemicals. But they might not be officially certified as organic. They are a good choice for anyone wanting garlic without chemicals. These cloves cost a bit less, around $19.99 each. They offer a cheaper way to enjoy garlic without harmful chemicals.

Whether you choose organic or naturally grown garlic, both are better than regular garlic. Your choice should depend on what you prefer, your budget, and what’s available.

Why choose organic garlic cloves?

  • Health Benefits: Organic garlic cloves don’t have synthetic chemicals, making them healthier.
  • Environmental Impact: Choosing organic supports farming that’s better for the planet by reducing harmful chemicals.
  • Quality Assurance: Certified organic garlic goes through a tough process to check its quality and authenticity.
  • Taste and Flavor: Many think organic garlic tastes better and is more aromatic than regular garlic.

Choosing organic garlic isn’t just about what you like; it’s also about your health and the planet. It lets you enjoy garlic’s benefits and taste while helping make food systems more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Bulk Pricing and Wholesale Options

Are you looking for a lot of garlic cloves? You might save money with bulk pricing discounts or wholesale options. This means you can buy more garlic for less, keeping your kitchen stocked. When buying garlic in big amounts, consider these options for the best deals.

Buying a lot of garlic can save you money, especially if you use it a lot in cooking. It’s great for food business owners too. You get lower prices for each clove by buying more, which cuts your costs.

Wholesale options are for those who need even more garlic. You get benefits like better prices, help from account managers, and easy ordering. It’s perfect for businesses or groups that use a lot of garlic.

Want to know more about bulk or wholesale garlic? Contact the garlic suppliers directly. They can tell you about prices, order amounts, and extra services. Talking to suppliers helps you find the best deal for your garlic needs.

Advantages of Bulk Pricing and Wholesale Options: Considerations:
  • Lower prices per clove
  • Cost-effective for frequent garlic users
  • Savings potential for businesses in the food industry
  • Minimum order quantities may apply
  • Shipping costs for larger quantities
  • Quality control and storage considerations

Looking into bulk and wholesale options is wise for buying garlic. Make sure to assess your needs, talk to suppliers, and check all choices. This way, you’ll secure the best deal for what you need.

Customer Testimonial:

“As a small restaurant owner, bulk garlic has been a game-changer. It saves money and keeps our menu stocked. The wholesale option makes ordering easy and wallet-friendly. I suggest checking these options out!”

– Sarah Thompson, Restaurant Owner


Garlic clove prices can change based on several things. These include how they’re grown, where you’re buying them from, and if they’re certified organic. It’s key to think about these aspects to choose the best garlic for your money. Organic garlic cloves might cost between $19.99 and $20.99 each. Naturally grown cloves are priced at $19.99.

Elephant garlic and garlic braids can cost differently. For elephant garlic, you can get a discount if you buy 10lbs or more. But, it’s not clear how much each clove costs. Garlic braids and swags’ prices vary too. They range from $6.40 for a loose 1lb. bag to $44.00 for a set that includes a garlic braid and wine.

It’s crucial to pay attention to garlic quality and the possibility of getting a different type than you ordered. Garlic farming faces challenges like bad weather, which can affect the crop. Sellers check each bulb before it’s sent out. They do this to make sure you get good garlic. If there’s a problem, they might substitute it with a similar garlic type.

Also, it’s wise to ask sellers about how long shipping will take. This is especially important because garlic is usually sent out in mid to late October. That’s the best time to plant garlic in many places. If you’re buying a lot of garlic, you might want to look into bulk or wholesale options. The exact pricing for these options isn’t listed in the provided sources, though.


How much does a clove of garlic cost?

A single garlic clove’s price varies. It’s .99 to .99 for certified organic cloves. For naturally grown cloves, it’s .99.

What is the price of a certified organic garlic clove?

A certified organic garlic clove costs .99. These cloves are ready for planting. They come packaged in groups of 20.

How much does a naturally grown garlic clove cost?

Naturally grown garlic cloves cost .99 each. They are good for planting too. You get them in a 20-clove pack.

What is the price of an elephant garlic clove?

The price for an elephant garlic clove isn’t listed in our sources.

How do I grow elephant garlic?

Plant elephant garlic like you would regular garlic. Space them 8-12 inches apart. They turn into big bulbs next season. Elephant garlic is less strong in taste than regular garlic.

What is the price of a garlic braid or swag?

Garlic braid and swag prices start at .40 for a loose 1lb. bag. A garlic braid with wine set goes for .00.

Are there quality issues with garlic cloves?

Garlic, being a crop, might face quality problems or crop loss. Sellers check each bulb before shipping to ensure quality. If problems occur, they might switch it with a similar type of garlic.

When are garlic cloves shipped?

Garlic cloves usually ship in mid to late October. That’s the best time to plant them in most places. Availability and shipping times can change, so check with the seller before you buy.

Can I buy certified organic garlic cloves?

You can find certified organic garlic cloves and naturally grown ones too. Which ones you can buy might vary based on the seller and their certification.

Are there bulk pricing or wholesale options available?

If you’re buying lots of garlic cloves, there might be discounts or wholesale deals. Exact prices for large orders aren’t given in our sources, though.

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