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frozen watermelon

Do you love watermelon in the summer? We have a great tip for you—try freezing it! Freezing watermelon keeps it fresh and introduces new ways to enjoy it. We’ll show you how to freeze watermelon right. Plus, we’ll share exciting ideas for using your frozen watermelon in treats and drinks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Freezing watermelon is an effective way to preserve its freshness.
  • Thawing frozen watermelon is not recommended due to texture changes.
  • Frozen watermelon can be used in various recipes, including smoothies, sorbets, and popsicles.
  • When selecting a watermelon, look for symmetrical shape, a creamy yellow or orange field spot, a dull skin color, and a heavy weight relative to its size.
  • Cutting a watermelon requires a sharp, large serrated knife and a sawing motion.

How to Freeze Watermelon

Freezing watermelon is both easy and effective for keeping it fresh to enjoy later. Whether you’ve got too much watermelon or want to save some for later, freezing is a great option. It means you can savor the sweet taste all year.

Step 1: Prepare the Watermelon

First, cut the watermelon into shapes you like, such as cubes, slices, or wedges. Make sure to take out any black seeds.

Step 2: Arrange on a Sheet Pan

Put parchment paper on a sheet pan to keep the watermelon from sticking. Lay out the fruit so it doesn’t touch.

Step 3: Freeze Until Firm

Next, put the pan in the freezer. Let the fruit freeze until it’s solid, which should take about 2-3 hours.

Step 4: Transfer to an Airtight Container

After the pieces are frozen, move them to an airtight container. This step helps avoid freezer burn and keeps the fruit good longer.

Step 5: Store in the Freezer

Write the date and what’s inside on the container. Then, freeze it. You can keep frozen watermelon for up to 3 months.

Now, you have frozen watermelon ready for recipes. You can make cool drinks or tasty desserts with it!

Can You Thaw Frozen Watermelon?

Thawing frozen watermelon is not a good idea. It makes the fruit’s texture change a lot. Since watermelon has a lot of water, it can get mushy if you freeze and then thaw it. It’s better to use it frozen in your cooking.

When you freeze and then thaw watermelon, it’s not as crisp or juicy. Freezing creates ice crystals that damage the fruit’s cells. This makes the watermelon softer and less tasty. Thawed watermelon might also have too much liquid, which can change how it tastes and feels.

But don’t worry! Using frozen watermelon in recipes can be really cool. Blend it into smoothies, add it to fruit salads, or use it in frozen treats. Frozen watermelon adds a nice chill and sweetness that’s different and fun.

Using frozen watermelon steps around the thawing wait and keeps the fruit’s goodness. This way, you can enjoy watermelon’s natural taste and texture in your food. Be creative with frozen watermelon to make your dishes interesting and refreshing.

Looking for ways to use frozen watermelon in your cooking? See the next part for some ideas.

Explore the Possibilities of Frozen Watermelon

There are lots of ways to enjoy frozen watermelon. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Blend frozen watermelon into yummy smoothies with berries, bananas, or citrus.
  2. Make a cold watermelon salad by mixing frozen cubes with fresh mint, feta, and lime dressing.
  3. Create watermelon sorbet by pureeing frozen melon with honey or agave.
  4. Try making watermelon popsicles by mixing it with coconut milk and fruit then freezing them.
  5. Add frozen watermelon to cocktails or mocktails for a refreshing twist.
  6. Use frozen watermelon cubes as “ice cubes” in drinks for a sweet touch as they melt.

Frozen watermelon can add a sweet taste and bright color to any dish. Explore the ways to use it and bring a refreshing touch to your meals.

How Long Does Watermelon Last?

Watermelon is perfect for summer. But how long does it last? It depends on if it’s whole or cut and how you store it. Let’s dive in:

Whole Watermelon:

A whole watermelon can sit on the counter for 7 to 10 days. But, hot weather can make it ripen faster. It’s best kept in a cool place. In the fridge, it lasts up to 2 weeks. Just keep it away from foods with strong smells to avoid flavor transfer.

Cut Watermelon:

Once cut, watermelon should be eaten in 3 days for the best taste. After that, it might not taste as good. It’s not recommended to eat it beyond this time.

If you can’t finish your cut watermelon in 3 days, don’t worry. You can freeze it to reduce food waste.

Freezing Watermelon:

Freezing watermelon is easy. Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut the watermelon into cubes or slices.
  2. Spread them on a parchment-lined sheet pan. Make sure they don’t touch.
  3. Freeze until they’re solid.
  4. Then, put them in an airtight container or freezer bag.
  5. Label with the date and keep frozen for up to 3 months.

These steps let you enjoy watermelon anytime.

Now you know how to keep watermelon fresh. Whether fresh or frozen, watermelon is a great treat any way you like it.

What to Do with Frozen Watermelon

Frozen watermelon is great for making treats. You can create fruity drinks and frozen desserts. There are many ways to enjoy its sweetness and juiciness.

Making Watermelon Smoothies

Smoothies are a great use for frozen watermelon. It adds a cool twist to your smoothie. Blend it with fruits like strawberries or bananas and some juice or yogurt for a delicious treat. This is perfect for hot days.

Mini “Ice Pops” with Frozen Watermelon Cubes

You can make mini “ice pops” with frozen watermelon cubes. Just put toothpicks or popsicle sticks into them. It’s a quick treat that kids and adults will enjoy.

Making Watermelon Sorbet

Making sorbet from frozen watermelon is easy. Blend the cubes until they’re smooth. Add lemon juice and a bit of honey or agave syrup. Freeze it to get a fruity dessert.

Blending Frozen Watermelon with Other Fruits

Try blending frozen watermelon with different fruits for popsicles. Use berries, citrus fruits, or mint for extra flavor. Fill popsicle molds with the mix, add sticks, and freeze. It’s a great way to cool off in summer.

Frozen Watermelon “Ice Cubes” in a Glass of Water

For a twist on water, use frozen watermelon as “ice cubes.” Add them to cold water for a fruity touch. It’s a fun way to drink more water.

Frozen Watermelon Desserts and Drinks

Look for recipes meant for frozen watermelon. You’ll find ideas like watermelon granita or watermelon slushies. There are also drinks like watermelon margaritas. These are refreshing for summer.

With these ideas, you can enjoy frozen watermelon in many ways. From smoothies to sorbets and popsicles, it’s great for summer snacks and drinks.

How to Pick a Ripe Watermelon

To pick the perfect watermelon, several key factors can guide you. Follow these tips to ensure you get a ripe one:

  • Symmetrical Shape: Search for a watermelon that looks the same on all sides. It should not have bumps or strange shapes. A well-shaped melon suggests even growth and a good chance of even ripeness.
  • Creamy Yellow or Orange Field Spot: Check the watermelon’s bottom for a yellow or orange spot. This spot shows where it lay on the ground while growing. A bright and creamy spot means it’s ripe and tasty.
  • Dull Skin Color: Stay away from shiny watermelons. A ripe one usually has dull skin. The duller the skin, the riper the melon likely is.
  • Heavy Weight: Feel how heavy the watermelon is. A ripe one is heavy for its size because it’s full of water. Its heaviness is a clue to its ripeness.

“To pick a ripe watermelon, pay close attention to the details. Use these tips for a sweet, juicy, and ripe melon.”

You can also tap the watermelon to check if it’s ripe. Hit it lightly with your knuckles. Listen for a deep, hollow sound. That sound means the watermelon is ripe. An unripe melon sounds solid. This tapping trick is what farmers often do.


Watermelons come in different types. Each type has its own special features. Here are the most common types:

  • Seedless Watermelon
  • Mini (Personal) Watermelon
  • Yellow or Orange Flesh Watermelon
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon

Next time you shop, use these tips to find a ripe watermelon. Enjoy its sweet taste in your favorite summer dishes!

Learning to find a ripe watermelon is a skill. With some practice, you’ll get great at it. Trust what you feel and see. And remember the tips we shared. Good luck finding that perfect watermelon!

How to Cut Watermelon

Cutting a large watermelon can be easy. First, use a sharp, large serrated knife. Make sure to use a sawing motion. Begin by washing and drying the fruit. Cut it in half across the middle and remove the stem end. Place it cut side down and trim off the rind and white part. Then, slice it into 1-2 inch thick pieces. Finally, choose your shape: cubes, sticks, or triangles.

To slice watermelon well, a sharp, serrated knife is key. The sawing action ensures smooth cuts without smashing the fruit. Start by cleaning the watermelon under cool water. Then, dry it off completely with a clean cloth.

Put the watermelon on a stable cutting surface. Cutting it in half requires a firm grip and a strong press on the knife. Slice it horizontally through the middle.

After splitting, remove the stem end with a clean cut. This makes the surface flat and stable for the next steps.

Place a watermelon half with its cut side on the board. To remove the rind, slide the knife between the fruit and the rind. Follow the fruit’s curve and take off all rind and white parts.

With the rind off, cut the fruit into 1-2 inch thick slices. Next, shape these slices into cubes, sticks, or triangles. These shapes are great for many uses.

Shapes Approximate Size Recommended Use
Cubes 1-2 inches Snacks, fruit salads
Sticks 1 inch wide, 4-5 inches long Easy-to-eat finger food
Triangles 1 inch wide at the base Impressive presentation

Smaller, bite-sized pieces of watermelon make serving and eating easier.

Expert Tip:

For a cooler treat, chill the cut watermelon before serving. It’s especially refreshing on warm summer days. This adds a crisp, cool touch to your snacks or desserts.

These easy steps let you cut watermelon into your favorite shape. Enjoy it as a snack, in salads, or as a tasty addition to recipes.

How to Freeze Watermelon

Freezing watermelon helps keep it fresh for later. By following simple steps, you can freeze watermelon well. This way, it’s ready to eat anytime you want.

Flash Freezing the Watermelon

Cut the watermelon into your desired shape. Then, it’s crucial to flash freeze it. This stops the pieces from sticking together. Let’s dive into the process:

  1. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper to keep watermelon from sticking.
  2. Put the watermelon pieces on the pan so they don’t touch each other.
  3. Spread the pieces out to freeze them evenly.
  4. Freeze the pieces on the pan until they’re firm, which takes about 2-3 hours.

Flash freezing keeps the watermelon’s shape and texture. This makes it easy to use in recipes later.

Storing the Frozen Watermelon

After flash freezing, put the pieces in an airtight container or freezer bag. Removing as much air as possible prevents freezer burn.

Tip: Label the container with the date. This helps you track how long it’s been frozen.

Using the Frozen Watermelon

There’s no need to thaw frozen watermelon before use. You can add it directly to recipes. It’s perfect for smoothies, sorbets, or refreshing drinks. Frozen watermelon keeps the summer vibe alive in your dishes.

With these tips, you can freeze watermelon effortlessly. You can use this fruit all year. Whether for convenience or to save extra watermelon, freezing is easy. And, it opens up many recipe possibilities with frozen watermelon.

Ways to Use Frozen Watermelon

Frozen watermelon can turn into many tasty treats. Here are some fun ideas to try out in your kitchen:

1. Watermelon Smoothies

Blend frozen watermelon cubes with other fruits and a bit of juice or yogurt. This mix creates a smoothie full of taste and sweetness.

2. Watermelon Sorbets

Try making watermelon sorbet for a special dessert. Mix frozen watermelon, lime juice, and honey. It’s a sweet, light treat.

3. Watermelon Popsicles

Create frozen popsicles using watermelon cubes on sticks. It’s a cool, healthy snack for everyone to enjoy in the summer.

4. Frozen Watermelon Cubes

Use frozen watermelon cubes in your drinks instead of ice. They add flavor to lemonade or iced tea without watering them down.

5. Watermelon Slushies

For a slushy drink, blend frozen watermelon with water or sparkling water. Flavor it with lime or mint for a fresh boost.

6. Watermelon Parfaits

Make a parfait with frozen watermelon, yogurt, granola, and berries. It’s a tasty and beautiful dessert. Add your chosen toppings to make it your own.

Try these ideas with frozen watermelon. Be creative with recipes to find new and delicious ways to enjoy this fruit.


Freezing watermelon is great for keeping its taste fresh, even off-season. By learning the best freezing methods, you can make awesome treats. You can enjoy frozen watermelon in many ways, like in smoothies, as sorbet, or just as a cold snack.

Stock up on watermelon when it’s in season. Then, freeze it to enjoy well past summer. You can use frozen watermelon cubes in drinks or make desserts and snacks like popsicles and sorbets. There are so many choices.

Freeze watermelon to keep enjoying its taste and freshness all year. Try different recipes for frozen watermelon. It’s perfect for parties, relaxing by the pool, or enjoying a taste of summer. Frozen watermelon will always make your day better.

Additional Tips and FAQs

Freezing watermelon is a smart idea. It lets you enjoy this juicy fruit even when it’s not summer. It’s perfect for keeping the sweetness and taste for later. This way, you can have a taste of summer any time of the year.

It’s important to store frozen watermelon right. First, flash freeze the pieces. Then, move them to an airtight container or freezer bag. This step stops freezer burn and keeps the watermelon good for longer. If done right, you can keep frozen watermelon for up to three months.

Remember, thawed watermelon might feel a bit softer. This is because watermelon has a lot of water in it. Yet, this doesn’t ruin its taste or how you can use it. You can still make amazing smoothies, sorbets, or desserts. The watermelon’s fantastic flavor will always stand out.


How should I freeze watermelon?

First, put the cut fruit on a sheet pan with parchment paper. Make sure they don’t touch. Take out any black seeds. Once it’s firm from freezing, move it to an airtight container to keep longer.

Can you thaw frozen watermelon?

It’s not a good idea to thaw frozen watermelon because it changes its texture. It’s better to use it frozen in recipes.

How long does watermelon last?

A whole watermelon can stay fresh for 7 to 10 days on the counter. It lasts up to 2 weeks in the fridge. After cutting, eat it in 3 days.By freezing leftover watermelon, you can keep it for about 3 months in a sealer container.

What can I do with frozen watermelon?

Frozen watermelon works great in many recipes. Try making smoothies or watermelon sorbet. You can also make watermelon popsicles or use the frozen bits as “ice cubes” in drinks.There’s plenty of recipes out there for frozen watermelon treats and drinks.

How do I pick a ripe watermelon?

Look for a watermelon that’s symmetrical with a creamy spot on the bottom. It should be heavy and have a dull skin. A ripe one sounds deep and hollow when tapped.

How do I cut watermelon?

Rinse and dry your watermelon first. Cut it in half, then cut off the skin and white part. Finally, slice it into your desired shapes, like cubes or sticks.

How should I store frozen watermelon?

Cut the watermelon and spread it on a parchment paper-lined sheet pan. Flash freeze, then move to a container. This keeps the pieces from sticking together and makes it easy to use later.

What are some ways to use frozen watermelon?

You can create smoothies, sorbets, or popsicles with frozen watermelon. Or use it as ice cubes in drinks. Frozen watermelon is also a nice, cool snack by itself.There are many options for desserts, drinks, and snacks with frozen watermelon.

Why should I freeze watermelon?

Freezing watermelon lets you enjoy it even when it’s not in season. With the right freezing technique and a few recipes, you can make a variety of cool treats.

How does freezing watermelon affect its texture?

Watermelon gets mushy after being frozen and thawed because it’s mostly water. It’s better to add it frozen to recipes instead of thawing it.

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