Costco Meal Prep Solutions: Quick & Healthy Options

costco meal prep

Welcome to our guide on meal prep at Costco! For those looking to make meal planning easier, Costco is perfect. It offers a wide range of products. This makes it simple to find everything for nutritious meals for the week.

Costco’s bulk options are also cost-effective and convenient. Let’s explore these choices together.

Costco offers many ingredients and prepared foods for easy meal prep. You can find precooked chicken, seafood, produce, and spices. These options are great for any diet.

Let’s look at how these can simplify your meal planning. It’s amazing how Costco makes everything a breeze.

Key Takeaways:

  • Costco provides a wide range of options for quick and healthy meal prep.
  • Their selection includes precooked meats, seafood, bulk produce, spices, and more.
  • By shopping at Costco, you can save both time and money on your meal planning.
  • Proper planning and shopping with a list can help you stay focused and make healthier choices.
  • Take advantage of Costco’s bulk options and stock up on ingredients that have a longer shelf life.

Tips for Shopping at Costco for Meal Prep

Costco is a great place for meal prep shopping. But, the large store can be hard to navigate without a plan. These tips will help you shop smarter and save money:

1. Make a Detailed Costco Shopping List for Meal Prep

Create a shopping list before going to Costco. Plan your meals and list the ingredients you need. This helps avoid buying things you don’t need. Include fresh produce, lean proteins, whole grains, and snacks. A good list saves time and money.

2. Shop on a Budget for Meal Prep

Costco has great deals, but it’s easy to spend too much. Set a budget before you go. Stick to your list and avoid buying things just because they’re a good deal. Kirkland Signature products are often a great value.

3. Go Solo for a More Focused Shopping Experience

Shopping alone helps you stay focused. Without distractions, you can better stick to your meal prep plans. It helps you find the best products for your diet and budget.

4. Eat Before You Shop

Don’t shop at Costco hungry. Hunger makes it hard to stick to your list. Eating beforehand helps you resist temptations like food samples. It keeps you on track with your meal prep goals.

5. Take Advantage of Costco’s Return Policy

Costco’s return policy is very generous. It’s helpful for meal prep shoppers. If something doesn’t meet your needs, you can return it easily. This makes bulk purchases less risky.

Following these tips will improve your Costco shopping for meal prep. You’ll save time, money, and make healthier choices.

Check out the table below for cost-effective meal prep options from Costco:

Item Price
Precooked Shredded Chicken (2.5 lbs) $12.99
Wild Caught Salmon Fillets (3 lbs) $32.99
Frozen Microwaveable Cauliflower Rice (5 bags) $7.59
Boneless Chicken Breasts (per pound) Varies
Bulk Spices (various types) Varies

Precooked Shredded Chicken for Easy Meal Prep

Looking for a quick way to prep meals? Try Costco’s precooked shredded chicken. It’s tasty, healthy, and can mix into various meals. Use it in soups, salads, casseroles, and wraps for a boost.

Costco’s shredded chicken is full of flavor and good for you. It fits any diet and offers a fast, nutritious meal. Plus, it’s rich in lean protein, aiding muscle repair and growth.

This chicken is a real time-saver in the kitchen. It cuts down cooking time, so you enjoy more mealtime. Add it to your meal prep, and you’ll always have a ready protein source.

This chicken is also easy on your wallet, costing only $12.99. You get plenty for multiple meals, making it budget-friendly.

Find it in Costco’s refrigerated section. It’s in a handy pack, making it simple to store and use. It’s perfect for quick lunches or big family dinners, reducing cooking hassle.

Salmon Burgers for a Healthy Lunch or Dinner

Costco provides quick and nutritious meal choices. Their frozen salmon burgers are tasty and healthy for lunch or dinner. They are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality protein. This makes them great for maintaining a balanced diet.

Cooking these salmon burgers is simple. You can grill them, pan-fry, or bake according to your liking. They are great in a sandwich, on greens, or with grains like rice or quinoa. This makes a complete meal.

For only $15.99, you get 12 salmon burgers from Costco. They are a great deal for their quality. Their convenience and health benefits make them essential for any kitchen.

If you need a tasty recipe, try this with the salmon burgers:

Grilled Salmon Burger with Avocado Salsa

  • Ingredients:
  • 4 Costco frozen salmon burgers
  • 4 burger buns or lettuce wraps
  • 1 ripe avocado, diced
  • 1 tomato, diced
  • 1/4 red onion, finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Salt and pepper to taste

1. Preheat your grill or grill pan to medium-high heat.

2. Cook the salmon burgers as the package says, until they are done and safe to eat.

3. While the burgers cook, make the avocado salsa. Mix avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt, and pepper in a bowl.

4. Put the cooked burgers on buns or lettuce wraps.

5. Add a big spoonful of avocado salsa on top of each burger.

6. Serve right away and enjoy!

This delicious recipe makes a meal like you’d get in a restaurant at home. The grilled salmon burger and avocado salsa are a perfect match. They create a meal that’s sure to please anyone.

Next time you’re at Costco, grab these salmon burgers. They’re easy to make and full of omega-3s. These burgers are perfect for a fast dinner or a healthy lunch. They won’t let you down.

Product Price
Frozen Salmon Burgers (pack of 12) $15.99

Raw Shrimp for Versatile Meal Options

Costco is your go-to for meal prep needs. Looking for a versatile ingredient? Raw shrimp is your answer. It’s high-quality at Costco and perfect for many healthy, tasty meals.

Cooking raw shrimp is super easy. It’s great for grilling, sautéing, or baking. You’ll find endless ways to prepare it.

“Shrimp is packed with lean protein and low in calories,” says nutritionist Rachel Smith. “It’s great for health-conscious people.”

With Costco’s raw shrimp, making dishes like garlic butter shrimp or shrimp stir-fry is quick. There are many recipes to try, and they’re all delicious.

Raw shrimp isn’t just tasty and simple to cook. It’s also healthy. Shrimp has lots of protein and omega-3s. Plus, it’s full of minerals like selenium and vitamin B12.

Buying raw shrimp at Costco saves money too. You get 2 lbs of fresh shrimp for only $15.99.

Recipe Idea: Garlic Butter Shrimp


  • 1 lb raw shrimp
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Fresh parsley, chopped


  1. Peel and devein the shrimp if needed.
  2. Melt the butter in a large skillet on medium heat.
  3. Cook the minced garlic in the skillet until it smells nice.
  4. Add shrimp and cook till pink and opaque, around 2-3 minutes each side.
  5. Sprinkle with lemon juice, salt, and pepper.
  6. Top with fresh parsley and serve while hot.

This recipe is great for a quick, healthy dinner. Serve the garlic butter shrimp with veggies or a salad. It makes a satisfying meal.

Next time you’re at Costco, grab some raw shrimp. It’s affordable, convenient, and tasty. A perfect choice for any meal.

Wild Caught Salmon Fillets for Nutritious Meals

If you’re searching for a healthy meal option, consider wild caught salmon fillets from Costco. These tasty fillets come packed with nutrients. They’re also wrapped individually, so you use only what’s needed and keep the rest fresh.

Wild caught salmon is a healthier pick. It’s often lower in bad stuff and richer in omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are known for boosting heart health and brain power.

You can cook these salmon fillets in many ways. Try grilling, baking, broiling, or pan-searing them. Add roasted veggies or a fresh salad for a full meal. Need ideas? Here are some yummy Costco recipes:

  1. Grilled Lemon-Garlic Salmon with Roasted Asparagus
  2. Baked Salmon with Dill and Lemon
  3. Blackened Salmon Tacos with Avocado Salsa

Costco’s wild caught salmon fillets make adding nutritious meals to your plan easy. Try them out and explore the tasty, healthy benefits of seafood. Remember to put them on your Costco shopping list!

Frozen Microwaveable Cauliflower Rice for Easy Prep

Costco’s frozen microwaveable cauliflower rice changes the game for easy meal prep. It’s ideal for anyone wanting quick and healthy meals. You can use it in different dishes, making lunch or dinner prep a breeze.

This cauliflower rice saves time and boosts health. It’s low in calories but high in nutrients and fiber. Adding it to your diet can support a balanced eating plan and overall health.

And it’s so affordable. You can get five bags for just $7.59. This makes it a smart choice for those who watch their spending.

Here are fun ways to use this ingredient in your meals:

Create Simple and Nourishing Grain Bowls

Mix the cauliflower rice with your favorite proteins, like grilled chicken or shrimp, and colorful veggies. Add a tasty sauce or dressing to finish off a nutritious grain bowl.

Make Delicious Cauliflower Fried Rice

For a healthy fried rice, switch out regular rice for cauliflower rice. Cook it with veggies, lean protein, and your favorite spices. It’s delicious and guilt-free.

Add it to Soups and Stews for Extra Texture

Add cauliflower rice to soups or stews. It enhances texture and nutritional value.

Frozen microwaveable cauliflower rice from Costco makes meal prep exciting. Its ease, cost, and health perks make it essential for your kitchen.

“Frozen microwaveable cauliflower rice from Costco is a fantastic addition to my meal prep routine. It’s so easy to use, and the price is unbeatable. I love how it helps me create quick and healthy meals without sacrificing taste or quality!” – Sarah, Costco member

Don’t forget to pick up this cauliflower rice at Costco. It will simplify your meal prep and is good for you.

Benefits of Frozen Microwaveable Cauliflower Rice Price
Convenient and time-saving $7.59 for 5 bags
Low in calories and high in nutrients
Versatile ingredient for a variety of dishes
Affordable option for budget-conscious meal preppers

Bulk Produce Options for Fresh Ingredients

Costco is great for meal prep since it has lots of fresh produce at good prices. Adding different fruits and veggies to your meals tastes great and is key for a healthy diet. Here’s what you might want to pick up:


Costco has a bunch of berries like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. They’re full of antioxidants. Great for snacks, smoothies, or your breakfast cereal.


Apples are sweet and crunchy, and good by themselves or in recipes. Whether you like Honeycrisp, Fuji, or Granny Smith, Costco has many to choose from.

Vegetable Trays

For easy and varied options, try Costco’s vegetable trays. They come with veggies like carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and bell peppers. They’re perfect for a quick snack or to add to salads and wraps.

Spring Mix

Costco’s bags of spring mix offer tender greens. It usually has tasty lettuces like baby spinach and arugula. Great for salads or to add greens to your sandwiches and wraps.

Cherry Tomatoes

Costco’s cherry tomatoes are small, juicy, and full of flavor. They’re great in salads, pasta, or as a snack.

Keep your meal plans in mind when buying produce at Costco. This way, you’ll only buy what you can use before it spoils. Storing and portioning well keeps your food fresh and nutritious.

“Adding fresh fruits and veggies to your meals makes them tasty, nutritious, and good-looking.” – Nutritionist Lisa Johnson

Convenient Eggs for Breakfast and Baking

Eggs are perfect for meals, from quick breakfasts to baking. Costco’s selection ensures you won’t run out. They provide a crucial protein source for any dish you’re thinking of.

Costco sells eggs in 2-dozen cartons, suited for smaller homes. This means you can plan your meals better. And, at $3.49 for 24 eggs, you save money too.

Eggs are full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. They’re great for kicking off your day. Think omelets, scrambled eggs, or frittatas. Just add veggies or cheese to make them even better.

“Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse, packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals.”

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast; they’re crucial in baking too. They make cakes, cookies, and other desserts richer. With a 2-dozen carton from Costco, you’re all set for baking. You can bake everything from cookies to pancakes and custards.

Costco’s 2-dozen egg cartons are essential for the kitchen. They make meal prep easy. Let your creativity run wild with these eggs.

Costco Egg Quantity Comparison

Package Size Quantity Price
Regular Grocery Store 1 dozen $2.00
Costco 2 dozen $3.49

Costco’s 2-dozen egg cartons are a great deal compared to regular stores. Buying from Costco saves you time and money. It makes sure you always have what you need for meals.

Boneless Chicken Breasts and Thighs for Quick Weeknight Meals

For those busy weeknights, boneless chicken breasts and thighs from Costco can be a lifesaver. These ready-to-cook pieces of chicken help you make tasty dishes quickly and easily. You can create yummy meals without spending too much time.

These chicken parts can be cooked in many ways. You might grill them, bake them, or even sauté them. Feel free to marinate them in your favorite flavors or go simple with salt and pepper. The choice is totally yours.

It doesn’t take long to cook these chickens parts. They can be ready in 10 to 20 minutes depending on how you cook them. This is great for those nights when you need to make dinner fast.

What’s great is that buying these chicken parts from Costco saves you money too. You get lots of chicken for a good price. This means your meals will taste great and won’t break the bank.

So, if you are in the mood for a grilled chicken salad, a tasty stir-fry, or a warm chicken curry, these chicken parts from Costco are a great start. They help you make budget-friendly meals that everyone will love.

Cooking Ideas for Boneless Chicken Breasts and Thighs

  • Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken: Marinate boneless chicken breasts in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and herbs. Grill until cooked through.
  • Asian Stir-Fry: Slice boneless chicken thighs and stir-fry with colorful vegetables, soy sauce, and ginger. Serve over steamed rice.
  • Chicken Parmesan: Bread boneless chicken breasts with breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. Bake until golden and crispy, then top with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella.

Tips for Meal Prepping with Boneless Chicken Breasts and Thighs

  1. Portion out the chicken into individual servings before storing in the fridge or freezer. This makes meals easy to grab when you’re in a hurry.
  2. Try different marinades and seasonings to mix things up. You can explore Mexican, Italian, or Asian tastes to keep things interesting.
  3. Cook a big batch of chicken at once. Then use it in various dishes throughout the week. This saves you time and effort.

Bulk Spices for Flavorful Cooking

Costco is your go-to for boosting your meals’ flavor with a vast selection of bulk spices. They have what every chef or cooking lover needs in their kitchen.

They provide a range of spices at good prices. You’ll find essentials and exotic spices like cumin and turmeric. This makes your dishes stand out.

“Spices are what give dishes that extra oomph, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary. The quality and variety of spices available at Costco make it a one-stop-shop for all your cooking needs.”

Adding new spices to your favorites or trying new recipes, a full spice cabinet is key. It helps you make tasty meals easily.

Top Spices for Your Kitchen

Some spices are essential for transforming any meal:

  • Cumin – perfect for adding a warm and earthy flavor to Mexican and Indian dishes.
  • Paprika – adds a vibrant color and smoky flavor to meats, stews, and roasted vegetables.
  • Turmeric – known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it adds a warm and earthy flavor to curries, rice dishes, and roasted vegetables.
  • Ginger – adds a zesty and slightly spicy flavor to stir-fries, soups, and marinades.
  • Cinnamon – perfect for sweet and savory dishes, it adds warmth and depth of flavor to desserts, oatmeal, and curries.

Costco’s vast spice selection lets you try new flavors and improve your cooking.

Costco’s bulk spices let you play with flavors on a budget. Their variety and value make Costco the best spot for all your spice needs.


Costco has a lot of choices for easy and healthy meal prep. You can find precooked chicken, seafood, lots of produce, and spices. This makes it simple to plan and cook tasty and healthy meals for the whole week.

They offer precooked shredded chicken, salmon burgers, raw shrimp, and wild-caught salmon fillets. Costco has quality proteins that fit many recipes. Their frozen cauliflower rice saves time, and their fresh produce adds color and taste to your food.

Costco’s variety of bulk spices can make your meals taste better. These affordable options help you boost your dishes’ flavors inexpensively.

Costco is great for saving money and time on meal planning. They have many ingredients and products to make diverse, healthy meals. Visit Costco for your meal prep and enjoy the convenience, quality, and savings.


What are some tips for shopping at Costco for meal prep?

Going to Costco for meal prep? Here are some tips. Make a shopping list first. Try not to shop on weekends and go by yourself. Eating before you go can help you make better choices.

What are some ideas for meal prepping with precooked shredded chicken from Costco?

Costco’s precooked shredded chicken is great for easy meals. Use it in soups, salads, or other dishes. You can buy it for .99 in the refrigerated section.

What are some meal ideas using Costco’s frozen salmon burgers?

Costco’s frozen salmon burgers are both healthy and tasty. They’re simple to cook. Serve them with veggies and rice. A 12-pack costs .99.

How can I incorporate raw shrimp from Costco into my meal prep?

Costco’s raw shrimp are ideal for various dishes. Cook them as you like for delicious meals. Two pounds cost .99.

What are some meal options using wild caught salmon fillets from Costco?

Costco’s wild caught salmon fillets are great for your meals. Their individual wrapping makes them convenient. Get 3 lbs for .99.

How can I use Costco’s frozen microwaveable cauliflower rice in my meal prep?

Consider Costco’s frozen cauliflower rice for your prep. It’s ready for quick, healthy meals. Five bags cost .59.

What produce options does Costco offer for meal prep?

Costco has lots of produce for your meals. Just buy what you’ll eat before it spoils. Good picks include berries, apples, and tomatoes.

Are there convenient options for eggs at Costco?

Costco sells eggs in 2-dozen cartons now. They’re great for breakfast or baking. The price? .49.

What are some meal ideas using boneless chicken breasts and thighs from Costco?

Costco’s chicken breasts and thighs are ready for cooking. They’re ideal for quick meals. Prices change with weight.

Does Costco offer bulk spices for meal prep?

Costco has a big selection of spices in bulk. They’re good for tasty, budget-friendly cooking. Spice prices vary.

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