Freeze Greek Yogurt? Yes, Here’s How!

can you freeze greek yogurt

Do you adore Greek yogurt but have too much at times? No need to fret. You can indeed freeze it! This is a smart way to keep it longer and cut down on waste. Whether saving leftovers or buying extra on sale, freezing is simple. We’ll show you the right steps to freeze Greek yogurt.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yes, you can freeze Greek yogurt to extend its shelf life.
  • There are various methods to freeze Greek yogurt, including in its original container, in ice cube trays, or in plastic tubes.
  • Thawed Greek yogurt may have a slightly different texture, but its nutritional benefits remain intact.
  • Use thawed Greek yogurt in baking recipes, savory dishes, and as a tangy addition to sauces or spreads.
  • Label your frozen yogurt with the date and consume it within two months for the best quality.

Freezing Yogurt in its Container

Freezing yogurt is very easy if you keep it in its original container. Just put it into the freezer. This method suits both small individual yogurts and big tubs. You can divide the big tubs into smaller parts if you want.

For small single-serving yogurts, freeze them as they are. Ensure the lids are on tight. This stops freezer burn.

With big tubs, split the yogurt into smaller airtight containers before freezing. This way, you only thaw what you need, cutting down on waste. Remember to leave some space for the yogurt to expand as it freezes.

Choose containers made for the freezer when freezing yogurt. These containers keep the yogurt’s quality by stopping air from getting in. They also keep freezer smells away from the yogurt.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to freezing yogurt in its container:

  1. Check the original container for any damage or leaks. If there’s damage, use a new container.
  2. Seal the lid well to keep air out.
  3. Put the container in a secure spot in the freezer where it won’t get bumped.
  4. Let the yogurt freeze fully, which might take from a few hours to overnight. Freezing times vary based on your freezer’s temperature.
  5. The yogurt can stay in the freezer for up to two months once frozen.

To enjoy your frozen yogurt, transfer it from the freezer to the fridge. Let it thaw slowly in the fridge to keep its texture and taste. Thawing can take a few hours to a whole night, depending on the container’s size.

Frozen yogurt’s texture might change a bit. But, you can still keep its taste and quality right with good freezing and thawing methods.

Frozen Yogurt Storage Tips

To store frozen yogurt the best way:

  • Keep your freezer at 0°F (-18°C) or colder to avoid spoilage.
  • Mark the freeze date on containers to track their storage time.
  • Don’t refreeze yogurt that’s already thawed to maintain its texture and quality.
  • Freeze yogurt in smaller portions for easier thawing of just the amount you need.

Freezing yogurt in its original container is convenient. It lets you enjoy Greek yogurt anytime without waste.

Freezing Yogurt in Ice Cube Trays

Freezing yogurt in ice cube trays is a handy method. It makes portion control easy. This is great for adding to smoothies.

Start by putting yogurt into the ice cube tray’s cups. You can choose Greek yogurt or any type you like. Lightly tap the tray to even out the yogurt.

After filling the tray, put it in the freezer. Wait until the yogurt hardens. This usually takes a few hours.

Once solid, take the tray out of the freezer. Gently remove each yogurt cube and store them in a zip bag or container. This keeps them fresh and avoids freezer burn.

You can easily toss these yogurt cubes into smoothies. They’re also perfect for ready-to-blend smoothie packs. This makes for a quick, healthy meal or snack.

Freezing Yogurt in Plastic Tubes

If you or your kids like go-gurts, try making your own by freezing your favorite yogurt in plastic tubes. This fun snack has less sugar than the ones you buy.

Here’s how to freeze yogurt in plastic tubes:

  1. Fill the tubes with yogurt, making sure they’re tightly sealed to stop leaks during freezing.
  2. Put the filled tubes in the freezer until they’re solid.
  3. To enjoy the yogurt, thaw the tubes in the fridge overnight or let them warm up at room temperature until they’re soft enough to eat.
  4. Even if the yogurt separates or gets watery and grainy after thawing, it’s still a delicious snack or can be used in recipes.

Making your own frozen yogurt tubes lets you pick your favorite flavors and control what goes into your snack. It’s a smart way to keep a healthy and custom treat ready anytime.

Remember, different yogurts may freeze and thaw in their unique ways. So, trying out several kinds to see what works best is a good plan.

How Yogurt Changes After Freezing

Freezing and thawing yogurt changes its texture and consistency. It might become runnier and a bit grainy, losing that smooth, curd-like feel. However, its health benefits like the probiotics stay the same. To get back its original taste, you might need to stir thawed yogurt well. If textures bother you, use thawed yogurt in smoothies, baked treats, or sauces.

The texture shift in yogurt, when frozen then thawed, happens naturally. This process makes water inside the yogurt expand, creating ice crystals. These crystals can break down yogurt’s structure, making it less creamy and looser.

Frozen yogurt is still great for cooking, even with these texture changes. Blend it into smoothies for a creamy and nutritious start to your day. It’s also perfect in baked goods like muffins or pancakes, adding both moisture and a tangy flavor to your dishes.

“Don’t let the change in texture discourage you from using thawed yogurt. Get creative and use it in a variety of ways to enhance the taste and nutritional value of your meals.” – Nutritionist Jane Smith

You can also swap thawed yogurt for sour cream or mayonnaise in dressings and sauces. Its tanginess adds an interesting twist to dishes. This lets you enjoy yogurt’s benefits in different culinary ways.

Preserving the Flavor and Nutritional Benefits

The nutrition in yogurt doesn’t change after it’s been frozen. Yogurt is full of protein, calcium, and probiotics which are good for the gut. Stirring thawed yogurt well combines any separated parts. This restores its tasty tang and keeps its nutrition value high.

Remember, when cooking with thawed yogurt, adjust quantities as needed. Thawed yogurt might have more water, which could change how your dish turns out. To get it just right, you might use less liquid in your recipe. This helps you keep the perfect consistency.

How Long Frozen Yogurt Lasts

Frozen yogurt can stay fresh in the freezer for up to two months. This gives you enough time to enjoy it when you’re craving it.

After two months, it might get icicles and freezer burn. These can change its taste and texture. To enjoy the best yogurt, eat it within this time.

Labeling the freeze date on the package is a good idea. It helps you remember how long it’s been frozen. This ensures you get the best taste.

Enjoying your frozen yogurt within the suggested time keeps its taste and texture great. So, make sure to eat it before it’s not as good anymore!

Benefits of Consuming Fresh Frozen Yogurt

Eating frozen yogurt within its storage time has many benefits:

  • It keeps the taste and texture right.
  • The nutritional value, like probiotics, stays.
  • It also reduces food waste.

Using these storage tips lets you enjoy Greek yogurt’s tangy taste anytime.

Tasty Ways to Enjoy Frozen Yogurt

Even with slight changes, frozen yogurt is still great for cooking. Here are fun ways to use it:

  1. Mix it into smoothies for creaminess and tang.
  2. Make frozen yogurt popsicles for a cool treat.
  3. Add it to your baking for moistness and flavor.
  4. Use it in dressings or sauces.

Enjoy finding new ways to use frozen yogurt in the kitchen!


With the right storage, frozen yogurt keeps its taste and texture for two months. Remember to mark the freeze date. This way, you can enjoy the tangy delight of Greek yogurt whenever you like!

Benefits of Properly Storing Frozen Yogurt
Keeps taste and texture.
Keeps nutritional value, including probiotics.
Lowers food waste.

Thawing Frozen Yogurt

Properly thawing frozen yogurt is key to keeping its flavor and texture. Here’s how you can thaw your frozen yogurt safely:

1. Refrigerator Method

To best thaw frozen yogurt, move the amount you need from the freezer to the fridge the night before. Keep the frozen yogurt in the fridge and let it thaw slowly. This slow thaw ensures the yogurt stays safe to eat and doesn’t go bad.

2. Counter Method

If you forgot to plan ahead, the counter method works too. Take the frozen yogurt out of the freezer and put it on the counter. Remember to use the yogurt or put it back in the fridge within two hours. This avoids food poisoning risks.

Whichever method you choose, handling thawed yogurt right is crucial. Don’t refreeze thawed yogurt; it ruins the quality and texture.

Knowing how to thaw frozen yogurt lets you enjoy its creamy taste. Use it as a snack or in your favorite recipes.

Using Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt isn’t always fun to eat by itself because of how it feels. But, it can still shine in the kitchen. You can use thawed yogurt in baking recipes, such as cakes and donuts, for extra moisture and taste.

It also works well in savory dishes like marinated chicken kebabs or mixed into sauces, dips, and spreads. This way, thawed yogurt adds a creamy tanginess to your dishes.

Tips for Freezing and Using Yogurt

Freezing Greek yogurt is a great way to keep it longer and cut down on waste. When you freeze yogurt, follow these tips for the best experience:

  1. Freeze at the optimal temperature: Freeze yogurt at a temperature of 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C. This maintains the yogurt’s quality and texture while frozen.
  2. Leave extra space: When putting yogurt in containers or trays to freeze, leave extra space for expansion. This helps prevent the containers from cracking and lets the yogurt freeze well.
  3. Consider blending: If the yogurt’s texture seems off after thawing, blending it can make it creamy again. This is a quick fix to bring back smoothness.
  4. Experiment with recipes: Use thawed yogurt in various dishes. Try it in baking, smoothies, sauces, dips, and spreads for added tanginess and creaminess.

Recipe Idea: Frozen Yogurt Bark

For a tasty and cool snack, make some Frozen Yogurt Bark. It’s easy to make and a great treat.

“Frozen Yogurt Bark is a perfect treat for the summer. It’s simple, and you can add your favorite toppings.” – Sarah, food blogger

Here’s a simple recipe to start with:

Ingredients: Instructions:
  • 2 cups of frozen Greek yogurt
  • Your choice of toppings (like fresh fruit, nuts, granola, and chocolate chips)
  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Spread the yogurt evenly on the baking sheet.
  3. Add your favorite toppings over the yogurt.
  4. Freeze it for 2-3 hours until it’s firm.
  5. Break it into pieces and enjoy.

Get creative with the toppings! Combine different flavors and textures to find what you like best.


Freezing Greek yogurt helps it last longer and cuts down on food waste. You can pick from different ways to freeze it depending on what works for you. Even if freezing changes its texture a bit, its health benefits, like probiotics, stay the same.

After it’s thawed, Greek yogurt is great in many recipes. It makes sweet and savory dishes better with its tangy taste. Try using thawed Greek yogurt in your cooking to see how versatile it is.

It’s best to use frozen yogurt within two months to keep its flavor and texture. This stops ice crystals and freezer burn from ruining it.


Can you freeze Greek yogurt?

Yes, you can freeze Greek yogurt.

How do you freeze Greek yogurt?

You can freeze it in the original container, in ice cube trays, or in plastic tubes.

Can you store Greek yogurt in the freezer?

Yes, storing Greek yogurt in the freezer makes it last longer.

How long does frozen Greek yogurt last?

It stays good in the freezer for up to two months.

What happens to Greek yogurt after freezing?

Once frozen and thawed, Greek yogurt might become a bit watery and grainy.

How do you thaw frozen Greek yogurt?

To thaw it, just move it to the fridge the night before you need it.

How can you use frozen Greek yogurt?

Use thawed Greek yogurt in smoothies, baking, sauces, and as spreads.

What are some tips for freezing and using Greek yogurt?

Freeze it at the right temperature. Make sure there’s room for it to expand. Blending thawed yogurt helps fix its texture.

Why is it important to consume frozen Greek yogurt within two months?

After two months, it might get icy and suffer from freezer burn, which lowers its quality.

Is the nutritional content of Greek yogurt affected by freezing?

Despite texture changes, freezing doesn’t harm its nutritional value, including its probiotics.

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