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Why Aspartame is Bad for You

Aspartame is substitute for sugar and is 150 – 200 time sweeter than cane sugar. Aspartame is used as substitute for sugar in many beverages, sodas and food products, and in low-calorie foods but is not suitable for baking products. It is an artificial sweetener who gives sweet taste to ready to use beverages, sodas and sweet products. As he is 150 -200 times sweeter than cane sugar he can be added in small quantities to improve taste in bitter juices and food products.

Why Aspartame is Bad for You

Aspartame can be added in all variety of juice products and can give this pleasant sugar taste to every diet. Also he can mask non pleasant taste of some mixed products. He has one feature different than sugar, it doesn’t have high sugar energy value. Only small quantities of aspartame are needed to produce the sweet sugar like taste, and his caloric value is negligible. Also aspartame has different taste from sugar and aspartame sweet feeling last longer.

Manufacturers of the Aspartame must put sign on the label “this product contains aspartame’ or “this product contains artificial sweetener” for the people who suffered from Phenylketonuria to see on the label the ingredients of the product.  Persons with Phenylketonuria must avoid aspartame and be on particular diet.

Approximately 10% of aspartame (by mass) is broken down into methanol; most of the methanol is absorbed and quickly converted into formaldehyde and then to formic acid. Some opponents of aspartame have claimed that this causes metabolic acidosis.

But these byproducts of aspartame didn’t have any harmful side effects in the body because his byproducts already exist in the body and they aren’t harmful. Also some soft beverages and juices contain more alcohol and methanol than aspartame byproducts can produce in the body.

But there are proven Aspartame side effects, and they were a well guarded corporate secret since the 1980s. Side effects of aspartame can cause some problems in the human body and they are result of his nature. Precaution must be taken in children and in pregnant woman because aspartame can cause many side effects in the body.  Novel investigations state that there are over 92 symptoms of side effects connected with aspartame.

But on the market there are alternative sugars substitutes called artificial sweeteners that that can be used in food products, sodas and beverages. Although Aspartame is the one of the most popular there are many sugar substitutes who almost taste like sugar. The impact is on the sweet taste that can make these sweeteners taste and feel as close as possible to sugar probably just isn’t worth it.