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Carbs are Good, If You Know What Kind to Eat

Yes my friends, carbohydrates can actually aid you in your weightloss efforts, and surprisingly, they also keep the weight off much longer than diets that are deprived of carbs like low carb or restricted carb diets.  This is good, because a diet that is devoid of these good carbs is not good for your digestive system.

It slows digestion and it also slows the elimination process because good carbohydrates are also rich in something that is vastly more important than any other ingredient in our weight maintenance program : Fiber.

Fiber is extremely vital if you want to keep weight off. It is important for two reasons. First off, it allows your body to easily eliminate waste and lighten the body up this way. Being bound up is no fun, and it actually makes us retain weight because we’re not letting anything out correctly on a daily basis.

Fiber also fills us up and creates feelings of fullness that last for hours as opposed to simply one to two hours like foods that contain low or little fiber.

Studies have shown that people who are on a Mediterranean style diet that contains low fat meats and fish, nuts, legumes and high fiber grains such as quinoa or brown rice are the best diets at keeping weight off for a long period of time.  They also are easier to stick to because they make people feel more satisfied and less like they are sacrificing carbs, which is a very hard thing to do over time. Especially if you’re like me and you’re a carb-lover.

Mediterranean diets are also rich in omega 3 fats which help to add to the feeling of satiety and cut the risk of over eating. It acts as its own sort of natural hunger suppressant by filling the belly with fibrous foods as well as sending signals to the brain that the body is satisfied.

Studies have shown that those who are on diets that allow “good carbs” that are loaded with fiber, vitamins and other nutrients such as omega 3 fats are more likely to keep the weight off and to stick to this type of similar diet for a longer time.  Let’s face it, we crave carbs for a reason. They give us easy, quick energy and we need them to fuel our bodies through our tough days, so why deprive yourself of something that can be so healthy?